L Curl Lashes


Our Luxury Silk Lashes come with 16 rows of lashes per tray, that's over 4,000 lashes per tray! Our lashes are created using the highest quality fibers to give softness and flexibility to the lash extensions. These lashes have a gorgeous satin finish and an elegant taper that starts just above the mid-point of the extension. With precision manufacturing, the lashes are always created to the highest standard for upholding their curl and beauty.

The mixed tray comes with the following lengths, with additional of the most popular sizes: 8mm (2) 9mm (3) 10mm (3) 11mm (3) 12mm (3) 13mm (2)

  • Each strip of lashes includes the length listed on both sides for easier organization of your lashes!
  • Lashes release off the strip with ease on pick up with no glue residue
  • True deep black color
  • Soft and flexible
  • Beautiful satin finish
  • Made to uphold their curl and beauty

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