What to do when client's eyes water.

Clients eye’s watering, what to do:

Watery eye’s while your working can be due to a couple different factors.

The most common is the gel pad or tape is too high and irritating the eye making it water. Always check this first and adjust.

If your client is a talker, their eye’s may flutter which allows the adhesive fumes to irritate the eye and make them water. Minimize talking if this is the case.

Some clients even when they close their eye all the way, it isn’t completely shut. Adhesive fumes seep in and make the eye’s water. You can put a gel pad on the eye lids and the weight of them holds the eye down. Or you can use tape.

Sometimes the eye’s are feeling dry and because of this they water more. Using the nano mister during can add in moisture and soothe the eyes.

When applying the gel pads at the beginning, if your light is on, it can irritated the client. Turn off your light just while you apply the gel pads. For these sensitive clients you can also put your light on a lower setting.

 If you’ve tried everything and your client still has watery eyes, you’ll want to take q-tips and soak up the tears from the corners. You can even break the tip of the q-tip off and tape it to the corner of eye’s and it soaks up the tears while you’re working.