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Are you having hit or miss days when Volume lashing?

Do you ever feel like some days are hit or miss when you do volume? Some days it all clicks and other days you feel like a hot mess? Here are some helpful tips I’ve found that make all the difference.

First: Relax. Make sure you are not rushing and you are calm. Relaxing and letting the micro movements flow makes a huge difference.

Second: Using the right tweezers is everything. Good solid techniques paired with the right tweezer is where the magic happens. My favorite is our Dumont tweezer pictured above because it has skinny and sharp tips and closes tightly to grab those fans and hold them precisely.

Third: Practicing every single day will be a game changer if you are still having hit or miss days. Daily practice is training your hands and your mind on the tiny micro movements and eventually will become second nature and the “off days” will eventually become fewer.