Here are some tips and tricks to make your lash photos look like they have been done in a studio; with just your iphone! All the following pictures are taken with a phone camera directly following a lash appointment. The only editing done is whitening the eyes and softening the skin. The lashes are untouched.

1. Great lighting is KEY! This is the most important factor in your photos. As lash artists, we are accustomed to great lighting during our lash appointments. Use your lights and direct them in front of the client to brighten your lash photos and capture the true beauty of the lashes.

Using a flash: A flash will make the lashes appear darker and the skin lighter. Test it out and see if you like this style or not. (all of the following pictures have no flash).

2. Background. A plain light colored background allows the focus to be on the lashes. An easy do-it-yourself trick can be created by using solid white paper; as you can see below, it minimized distractions and gives focus to the lashes.

3. Different angles: Capture your lash pictures at several different angles to show case your work.

4. Softening skin. When you soften the skin, you make the lashes the focus. There are many great apps that will soften and blur the skin in photos.

5. Removing red eyes. There are some great photo editing apps to do this. Many have a “whitening” tool perfect for brightening the eyes.

6. Filters; to use or not? I personally, don’t like the look of filters. It appears to distorts the true image and our objective is to showcase your real lash work for clients. But again, this is entirely personal preference.

Thanks for reading!