Nano Mister


Perfect to cure the eyelash extension glue after application to greatly minimize eye irritation.

The nano is also great to use during your lash application to speed up your eyelash adhesive “grab” for a faster and cleaner application.

No more need to tell your clients to wait 24 hours to get their lashes wet! As long as you cure them with the nano after application.

How does it work? The eyelash extension adhesive turns from liquid into a solid when hydrogen is introduced. This little nano introduces a very fine nano mist to introduce the hydrogen to cure the glue after application. Your clients will love how calming it feels and it will greatly minimize eye redness and irritation. Be sure to use the nano and cure the lashes after every single lash treatment.

Read our blog post on proper eyelash adhesive curing.

How to use the Nano:

Put only distilled water in the nano. Hold 8-12 inches from the client while misting. Be sure to not let the water collect in water droplets on the lashes- remember this is important if you get beads of water you are to close or doing it for too long.

Mist for 15-30 seconds.

Always change out the water daily. Leaving the water sitting in the tank can give an unpleasant smell.

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