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The Ultra Pro Eyelash Extension adhesive is our most popular adhesive. The Ultra pro adhesive has a strong bonding period and fast drying time of about 1-2 seconds for a clean application. The consistency of this adhesive works well for volume and classic eyelash extension techniques.

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The Ultra Pro adhesive is very fast drying 2 seconds with a medium to thin consistency. This adhesive works great for Classic and Volume eyelash extension techniques. Your clients can achieve maximum hold time for the extensions with this pro level adhesive.

  • 10ml bottle
  • Deep dark black, medium- thin consistency ideal for volume and classic techniques.
  • Maximum bonding strength 6-8 weeks hold time.
  • Very fast drying of 2 seconds for quick and clean lash application
  • Fast drying to apply the extensions quickly and minimize sticking together.

Usage Tips:

The eyelash extension adhesive cure in the presence of hydrogen. Therefore keeping the natural lashes humid and hydrated during the extension process will help your glue to stick to the natural lashes better and cure (dry) faster. Use the nano to cure the glue at the end of every lash treatment.

This adhesives ideal room conditions are 40-50% room humidity with a room temperature of 70-75 degrees (Fahrenheit).

Care Tips:

Do not store your adhesive in the fridge or freezer once it has been opened (before opening you can store in the fridge or freezer for longer term storage). Continual storage in the fridge causes condensation to form in the bottle and weakens the strength. Store at a cool but dry temperature and out of heat or direct sunlight. Keep the glue stored upright with the silica pack it comes with. Clean the glue spout every time after use. Keep the lid closed tightly after use. Always shake the bottle for 1 minute before the eyelash application.

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