ProLash System™


The complete ProLash System™  includes: the flexible platform base, the ProLash Palette™ with the custom acrylic storage case.

The unique Patented design allows for more efficient Volume and Classic lashing. The flexible base attaches to your bed raising your lashes and adhesive to be level with the client. The small compact size allows you to have your lashes and adhesive in close proximity to your client speeding up applications while easing strain on your eye’s and neck. The palette is uniquely designed with arches that are tilted back giving you perfect visibility of the lashes.

Set up guide: click here.


FAQ about the ProLash System™

How do I set up the ProLash system? The flexible base attaches to your bed, standing light, or a side table- essential anything you would like. The base has a long flexible neck which raises your work station. The interchangeable palettes slide securely into the base. While you’re working, you can easily move the palette for optimal access to your lash strips.

How does the palette attach to the flexible base? The palette slides securely into the flexible base and is held making the palette easy to rotate and move as the artists wishes.

Where do I put the adhesive? This system incorporates classic techniques, volume techniques and bottom lash applications. There are 2 locations to place your adhesive; specific to the technique you practice. At the top, there is a flat surface designed for volume lashing. Covering the area with double sided sticky tape enables easy clean up. When using the classic method a custom plastic adhesive cup is placed on top double sided tape on the flat surface at top and held. At the bottom of each palette there is an area designed for adhesive while applying bottom lashes.

 How will this make my lashing faster and more efficient?  The ProLash System™ is designed in a way making pickup during classic and volume methods more precise. Each arch is slightly tilted back to give the user a better view of the lashes- by creating contrast on a white surface from the black lashes. By being able to see the lashes better and pick them up more precise, all while having your adhesive in close proximity creating a smooth application cutting down application time.   

What techniques is this system made for? The unique design is created to fit the needs of todays lash artists. All techniques of eyelash extensions; Classic, Volume and bottom lashes. The palette includes arches which are tilted back giving you perfect visibility of the lashes

Set up guide: Click here.  

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Weight 1.28 lbs