Mini Adhesive Cups™


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The Mini Adhesive Cups™ are made to fit 2 drops of adhesive perfectly. The way these cups are designed keeps the adhesive from getting gummy and curing during your lash appointment. You only need to dispense 2 drops at the first of your appointment and no need to replace the adhesive several times like a jade stone or crystal. With the mini cups, you will save time and adhesive!

Reusable or disposable.

Come in a pack of 20 cups.

If you are currently using a Jade stone or flat surface for your eyelash extension adhesive, read below of the many benefits of mini adhesive cups!

In stock


Jade stone (flat surface) vs adhesive cups, which is better?

Jade Stone:

1. A new adhesive drop needs to be added to the stone every 20-30 minutes.

2. Consistency of the adhesive becomes gummy quickly when on a jade stone. This is because more of the surface area of the adhesive is exposed to hydrogen and hydrogen is what begins the curing process of the adhesives.

3. Every time you open your adhesive bottle to dispense adhesive, more hydrogen is let in the bottle and actually shortens the life of your adhesive bottle.

Glue Cup:

1. The amount of hydrogen exposed to the adhesive is very minimal when in a small cup compared to the jade.

2. The consistency stays perfect the entire treatment, no gumminess.

3. You only have to dispense your adhesive one time, not several times.

So final conclusion is this…

The Jade stone takes more time.

You use more adhesive with a jade and your bottle is exposed to more hydrogen opening several times throughout the day.

A cup keeps the adhesive the perfect consistency the entire treatment, you only need 2 drops per client and your bottle is only opened 1 time per client!

Save time, and adhesive! Switch to adhesive cups.