ProLash System


The complete ProLash System™  includes the flexible platform base, the ProLash Palette™ with the custom acrylic storage case.

The unique Patented design allows for more efficient Volume and Classic lashing. The flexible base attaches to your bed raising your lashes and adhesive to be level with the client. The small compact size allows you to have your lashes and adhesive in close proximity to your client speeding up applications while easing the strain on your eyes and neck. The palette is uniquely designed with arches that are tilted back giving you perfect visibility of the lashes.

  1. Securely attach the large clamp to your bed, facial chair or side table.
  2.  Stabilize the system by pressing the flexible neck part against your bed securely. You don't want it to shake at all while you are working. 
  3. Insert the ceramic palette by sliding it into the top flat portion of the Prolash system base.
  4. Add your lashes, longest lengths on the bigger arches and shorter lengths towards the top. (If the lash strips begin to lift, use a little extra tape to secure the edges down.)
  5. Place the double sided tape on the top flat portion of the palette. Stick the mini adhesive cup to the double sided tape. Once secured add your adhesive to the mini adhesive cup. ( You may need extra tape to hold to cup securely). 
  6. Position the system in a comfortable height and position in close proximity to your client and level with the height of their head. 
  7. When adjusting the top plate, make sure you do not twist  the top plate without loosening the ring below first. Once you loosen the ring, you can adjust the top plate then simply tighten the ring again to secure it in place. 

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