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Hi, I’m Lindsay. I am a single mom to a sweet and sassy 6-year-old girl. I am the founder of Aesthetic Image and creator of the patened ProLash System.  I have been an eyelash artist for 10 years now. I have seen the need for a higher level of education that truly empowers women to become passionate eyelash artists who can create the business and life they love!  Many eyelash courses just cover the basics and only last a few hours or a day. This is not enough time to truly soak in all the knowledge necessary to create highly sought after lash artists who love what they do!

This is why I created this unique eyelash training program paired with our Patented ProLash System. This program is my baby and I’ve truly poured my heart and soul into it. Being an eyelash artist and running my own business has brought me so much joy and happiness. If you are wanting to get into the industry or already a lash artist, I have a program tailored to fit you and your needs! I’ d love for you to join me on this journey of Lash Artist Mastery so you can have the skills and knowledge to be the best lash artist you want to be!

Classic Eyelash Course: (2 days)

This course is uniquely customized for beginners or already trained lash artists wanting a more advanced knowledge in classic lashing. Our innovative ProLash System™ & training provide the skills to master the art of eyelash extensions by using the most advanced methods for classic lashing.

Course Overview:

  • Full Sets, Half Sets, Fills, Removals
  • Eyelash Styling For Eye & Face Shapes
  • Laying For Beautiful Extensions With Texture
  • Product Chemistry
  • Proper Adhesive Curing
  • Extensions That Do Not Damage
  • Safety and Disinfection
  • Client Consultations and Aftercare
  • Live Practice On Models
  • Speed and Efficiency
  • Setting Yourself Apart In The Industry For Success

$1200- Includes a Kit

2-6D Volume Training: (2 days)

Volume lashing is the most advanced technique and is ideal for those who have mastered classic lashing. With volume, you can safely place multiple lashes per one natural lash giving you 2-6 times the VOLUME! Take your lash artistry to the next level by learning with our ProLash System™; exclusively designed to fast track the learning curve for faster, more efficient volume lashing.

Course Overview:

  • Advanced 2-6D Volume Technique
  • Bottom Lash Application
  • Speed & Efficiency
  • Adhesive Curing
  • Specific After Care For Volume Clients
  • Advanced Theory
  • Marketing Volume Lashes To Your Clients
  • Setting Yourself Apart As An Advanced Lash Artist

$1200- Includes a Kit