Having retention issues?

Retention Issues can be multifaceted. We will go through each of the common troubleshooting areas to improve retention issues.

Before dispensing the adhesive, make sure you have shaken the bottle for 60 seconds to completely mix all the ingredients.

First, the lashes must have a clean surface to get a good bond. We recommend our lash cleanser first followed up with the lash primer.

All our adhesive dry fast. 2-3 seconds. This means you must have your lash isolated and ready prior to dipping the extension in the adhesive. Once dipped, move to placement quick. If not, the adhesive sets halfway, and you don’t get the full bonding potential.

Make sure your bases of the extensions are completely bonded down with flush with the natural lash. If the base of the extension isn’t completely bonded down to the natural lash, they will lift and fall off quickly.

If you are placing your adhesive on a flat surface; refresh your adhesive dot every 15-20 mins. The hydrogen in the air cures the adhesive. If your humidity is high, it will cure it even faster making it thicker and gummy.

Areas with high humidity will notice the adhesive drying really fast since eyelash adhesives cure in the presence of hydrogen. So high humidity areas may want to get a dehumidifier to bring the humidity in their room lower. The ideal humidity is between 40-60%