Are you curing the eyelash extension adhesive after every lash application? If not, this article is a must read!

Did you know the eyelash extension adhesives cure (dry) in the presence of hydrogen? This hydrogen can be collected by the simplest contributor–water. If you do not cure the lashes at the end of the lash extension appointment the client is more likely to have eye redness and sensitivities. Curing the glue provides the transition from a liquid to a solid. When the eyelash extension adhesive is properly cured, there is no need to tell your client to wait 24 hours before wetting their lashes.

How to cure the eyelash extension adhesive:

Introducing a small amount of hydrogen by way of a micro-mist does the trick quickly and effectively. You are not altogether wetting the lashes, because doing so can cause blooming–when the glue turns white in some spots–you are providing the conditions where curing will naturally occur.

The mini handheld Nano mister is perfect to do the job. Mist for 15 seconds over both eye’s at 10-12 inches from the lashes. ¬†Clients can also open their eyes to the mist, as it is very soothing. Since the eyelash extension adhesives are naturally attracted to moisture, they can pull moisture from the eye’s during the lash treatment, leaving the eye’s feeling dry and red. The nano mister gives back that moisture therefore minimizing eye redness and curing the eyelash glue at the same time.

Now it’s time to do away with old outdated habits of telling clients to wait 24 or 48 hours to get the lash extensions wet. Now that you understand the old idea of waiting 24-48 hours was to collect moisture from the air to cure. You can speed that process up and do it in 30 seconds! Soothe your clients eyes and give them waterproof, sexy, and carefree lashes as soon as they leave their appointment!